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Watch a promo of Petya’s Story.

Play available for performance. 

Highly Inflammable

Inspired by the music of punk legend Poly Styrene, Highly Inflammable is set in two equally explosive eras - 1977 and post-Brexit Britain.

The play uses Poly’s prophetic lyrics and ideas to explore very modern day problems. Or are they?

St Mary's in the Castle (2017) and Hastings Fringe Festival (2017).

Sponsored by the Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council and East Sussex County Council.

The Special Offer  

as part of the London Calling Play project 2012.

19 songs, 19 plays, 19 writers. A series of plays inspired by The Clash’s London Calling album.

Produced by London New Play Festival/Nordic Nomad.

See audio plays for recordings of the plays.



‘Is decades of brutality and desperation better than a shower in a gas chamber?’

Amid violence in the Congo, aid workers can make a real difference. But with roads as bad as this, who can be bothered.

Directed by: Chris Savage King

Produced by London New Play Festival 2009, Cock Tavern Theatre.


Petya’s Story

A story about choices, friendship and loss. Two women from Eastern Europe scratch out a living in London and struggle to overcome prejudice.

Directed by: Sarah Mahoney
Produced by STET The English Language Theatre
The Hague Festivals 2008, and Rosemary Branch 2008.


Queen’s Crescent 

‘You can’t take a girl from the centre of Kentish Town and stick ‘er in a village consisting of a border collie and thirty sheep, now can you? She needs the crowds, the noise, and the crisp packets blowin’ down the street.’

A site specific monologue for the Parlour Gallery (2007).


Thrill of a Lifetime

Our Hunting Season is a real favourite, particularly with the bachelor parties. They hunt a girl with paint balls. Sometimes billiard balls. If the money’s right of course.’

Some people do the strangest things for kicks. Phil, rich and bored, pays someone to kidnap him. It’s all good fun…. until Dad finds out.

Directed by: Julie Burbach
Produced by: Deckchair Productions
Pleasance London (City Shorts festival 2006).

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