Awards and nominations


The Wife: Best Film, Edge of the City ff (Win) 


The Loss Series


The Loss Series is an award winning series of short, silent films each shot from a CCTV point of view.


Loss 1 - In Which a Lady Suffers a Loss

An old lady’s heart is broken when the only thing she loves in the world is taken from her. But can a young thief make her happy again?


Loss 2 - In Which a Wife Suffers a Loss

It’s all so familiar – a husband takes advantage of a beautiful, young cleaner. But who’s really getting their kicks here?

Loss 3 - In Which Chance Suffers a Loss (2017)

A trip to the supermarket ends in tragedy for an old dog. An animated tale of devotion and loss.

Loss 4 - In Which Big Sue Suffers a Loss (2017)

Ignored and belittled by her co-workers, supersized Sue makes the most of her invisibility.